2018 Seoul World city Culture Festival; Seoul friendship festival

Today, I’d like to introduce an interesting festival. We could feel like travelling around the world in a day:)
This festival had two parts, World culture&Tourism Fair and World food fair.
Please refer to below map and introduction to programs.

When we arrived in Cheonggyecheon-ro, we were so hungry.
This is my favorite phrase! “A loaf of bread is better than the song of many birds.” haha
There were a lot of boothes in which sold each contry’s traditional foods along the Cheonggye stream.

My first choice is Kebab, Turkish food.


Theres no way this cant taste good!! Next to the turkish food booth, Cheerleading team was giving a performance.
They were from USA and usually perform in NFL.

They danced to BTS’s song. I realized how popular all over the world BTS is again.
That situation makes me surprised and I am so proud of them.
And our next choice was Panama’s food which couldn’t be accessed easily.

It was like dumplings and the beverage was sweet.
The sauce was made by avocado. I forget the name of the food…:(
Please someboby let me know…
Next, Carne Asada from Guatemala and Cacao draft beer from Equador.
I thought the beer would be bitter, but tasty was good and clean.
Last one is Lamb skewers.

Actually, I don’t like lamb becase of unique scents.
But the lamb skewer bought in turkish booth was really good!
Even though we ate just few food, you can try a variety of foods from other countries.

After being full, we moved to the world culture zone.

We met interesting photo zones in culture zone.
Wearing a malaysian traditonal clothes and Mexican hat and taking a picture with Alpaca.

The festival was over in 2018, but I think it will be held in early of Sep,2019.
If you will visit or stay in Korea at that season, please enjoy a daily world trip in Seoul.
And meeting some foreigners who live in Korea will be fun.
When I studied in the Netherlands, I participated in similar festival in the city.
I sold bugogi kimbab and lettucewrapped rice with korean barbeque.
I was really happy to see dutch people like korean food and came back on next day.
This festival reminded me of the memory in the Netherlands.
Experiencing other culture is always fun and joyful!So I am glad to introduce Korea by this blog.

See you soon again 🙂



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