2019 Smart Tech Korea

What comes to mind when you think of Korea? Some people might say “Technology”. Actually, I work in packaging company so, our business is a little far from the latest technology. To see the Korean technology trend, I visited a fair “2019 Smart Tech Korea”. From my subjective point of view, I classified the theme of the fair into 4 categories.

First, Vending machine : a wide variety of products

When I thought of a vending machine, I only thought of a vending machine for drinks. Nowadays, the types of vending machines are becoming diversified; Food, Toys, Salads, Fruit Ade and even meats.

Above machine is meat vending machine. It is popular in the university because of low price and small size.

The machine in the picture above changes the real orange to make orange juice. The vending machine has the advantage of being available 24 hours a day at a low price. From the operator’s perspective, it can generate revenue with less effort. This is because it is possible to place orders, inventory, and sales management through applications.

Second, Unmanned Operation System ; Kiosk and Automated logistic

Left one : Kiosk for order in Bugerking / Right one : Robor for delivering foods

These days, you can easily see kiosks at restaurants or cafes in Korea as below. So, I saw many booths introducing various kiosks in “2019 Smart Tech Korea”. Also, there was a robot that delivered food to a designated table. Soon we will order by machine and be served by robots.

Above one is an unmanned vehicle of the logistics center. The company I work for is also focusing on automated packaging machines. This is expected to have a positive effect of efficient, safe and accurate logistics management. On the other hand, there are concerns about job losses.

Third, VR/AR experience

VR and AR cannot be excluded from latest technology trends. In the fair, I could experience VR game. This game reminded me of the movie “Ready player one”. I am really looking forward future games.

This one is combination of VR and a one-man broadcast. Nowadays, people of all ages and sexes can do their own broadcasts. One company introduces the technology to improve the quality of one-person broadcasting. This program makes the presenter show diverse contents on the air and convert the background to various places.

Last one, Block chain.

They introduce a bitcoin available in life daily use.

Domestic and foreign blockchain-related companies participated in the fair. This theme was very difficult for me. I heard about the word “Blockchain” and “Bitcoin”. But I can’t still understand their logic and principle.

Upper one : Tools for Children Technical Education / Below one : Hologram
Smart farm : To farm in the city with pesticide-free

Besides, I saw hologram and educational tools for children. Contrary to my worries, a fair “2019 Smart Tech Korea” was not deep and serious. So, it would be good for common people like me to experience and scan recent technology trends. Frankly, I think these technologies are not entirely up-to-date.

If you visit Korea, you can experience our technology by using fast and easily accessible WIFI haha. Also, there are a lot of a corporate experience centers and science museums!

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