“Blackpink’s Jisoo ♥ Ahn Bo-hyun: ‘I have a lot of unread messages’ on KakaoTalk”

In a recent episode of their personal YouTube channel “Happiness Jisoo 103%,” Blackpink members Jisoo and Rosé delved into the intriguing world of MBTI compatibility. The video, uploaded on the 22nd, gave fans a glimpse into their personalities and dynamics.

During the engaging video, Jisoo and Rosé took part in an MBTI balance game, shedding light on their respective MBTI types. Jisoo is an ISTP, while Rosé identifies as an ENFP, revealing their contrasting yet complementary characteristics.

As the game progressed, Rosé brought up a distinct trait of ISTP types – their tendency to read messages and ignore them if they have nothing to say. Jisoo playfully responded, “But I have a lot of unread messages.” Rosé quirkily retorted, “Ah, so I must be the one who always has something to say to you.”

Their exploration of MBTI compatibility continued, and when the game indicated a red light, Jisoo exclaimed, “Let’s reconsider our compatibility.” Rosé humorously responded, “Wait a minute, we’ve always been close. Were you secretly uncomfortable with me all this time and now you want to play hard to get?”

Blackpink, the powerhouse girl group that Jisoo is a part of, celebrated their 7th debut anniversary on the 8th of the previous month. As the expiration of YG Entertainment’s contract approaches, there’s heightened interest in whether the members will choose to renew their contracts.

Interestingly, Jisoo recently made headlines with rumors of a romantic involvement with actor Ahn Bo-hyun. Both agencies confirmed, “They’ve formed a mutual liking for each other and are cautiously getting to know one another. We ask for your warm support.”

In other Blackpink news, the group released their second full album, ‘BORN PINK,’ in September of last year and embarked on a world tour starting from October.

Stay tuned for more updates on the dynamic personalities and endeavors of Blackpink’s talented members!

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