BTS’s V Fondly Recalls Childhood Memories on ‘You Quiz On The Block’

BTS’s V, also known as Kim Taehyung, recently made an appearance on the TV show “You Quiz On The Block.” During the episode, V took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about his childhood and sharing heartwarming stories about his upbringing.

One of the standout moments was when V revealed how he stumbled into the world of auditions. He explained that he had followed a friend to Seoul, initially just wanting to see the city. However, fate had other plans, and he ended up auditioning. V’s recount of this adventure drew smiles from the audience as he described his enthusiasm to showcase his talents, including dancing, singing, playing the saxophone, and even attempting beatboxing.

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When asked about how he concluded his audition, V humorously replied with a simple “Thank you for your hard work.” His journey into the world of entertainment had begun in a somewhat spontaneous and unexpected manner.

V also shared some delightful memories of his early attempts to earn pocket money. He mentioned how he would passionately perform the “gae dari(개다리)” dance and proudly called himself the “god of pocket money” since he received extra cash whenever he danced. His grandparents, both maternal and paternal, were beneficiaries of his entertaining talents.

The conversation then shifted to his school days, where V and his classmates performed “Look at me, Gwisun” by Daesung. Although their class didn’t win, V revealed that the song’s vibes resonated with him at the time, making it a memorable experience.

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Another touching moment came when V talked about singing “Ripe persimmon(홍시)” by Na Hoon-a, a trot song. He attributed his love for this genre to Jungkook, who had taught him the song. V’s admiration for Na Hoon-a and trot music shone through as he shared this part of his musical journey.

The most heartfelt stories came when V discussed his close relationship with his grandmother. He revealed how he used to sleep in her room as a child, often imagining a pen as a sword before bedtime. Waking up with doodles on both his and his grandmother’s faces was a cherished memory. He also mentioned how his grandmother would share her Bacchus energy drink with him, a small but significant source of joy during his childhood.

V’s voice turned emotional as he spoke about his grandmother’s passing. He expressed his desire for her to witness his current success, especially when performing in front of the dedicated ARMY fans. To honor her memory, V revealed that he brings Bacchus to her grave and has heartfelt conversations with her.

In this episode of “You Quiz On The Block,” BTS’s V provided a glimpse into his early life, his journey into the entertainment industry, and the profound impact his grandmother had on his life. His stories showcased the genuine and sentimental side of this talented artist, endearing him even further to fans and viewers alike.

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