(Seoul Tour) Cheapest Beer “Woori Market(우리슈퍼)” in Itaewon !

If eager to drink the beer, Visit here in Itaewon !

Today, I will introduce the cheapest place for beer. If you are on the trip in Seoul, then eager to drink beer or something, Just visit to Itaewon !

There is a classic normal and small supermarket in Noksapyeong. Let’s go go go ~!

How to go

In Seoul, No matter what, the subway is the best and fastest transportation. so i will let you know only this method.

Just take the subway and get off the Noksapyeong station in line No. 3. and go to Exit 2.

When you go up to the Exit 2, you can see the beautiful street with the tree in both sides.

Keep walking for just 5 minute. If you see the underpass, just cross the road via underpass.

When you reach to the end, go to the left. Then you keep walking for 5 minute more. Then there is start of Kyeongnidan-gil Road which is very popular and booming for 20’s and 30’s. Our destination is next to this road.

Cheapest shelter for hot weather

Finally, We arrived. It’s “Woori Market(우리슈퍼)”. the outlook is just like suburban normal supermarket as you have seen somewhere. But, there are tons of beers from different countries.

Ta-Da! Look at this picture. Can you see the all the different beers in the fridge. I wanted to drink all of them as soon as arrived.

Did you choose it? It is hard to pick up. haha. There are so many beers that i never even drank before.

It costs just from $3 to $ 10, so that you don’t need to worry themoney, actually, other pups in Itaewon are very expensive.

You can only drink outside, there are terraces and some seats in alley for drinking.

We drank German beer and Aussie Beer :D, It makes me get rid of hot weather. It is the really ” Itaewon Freedom”

Why don’t you come over and grab a beer with your friends !

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