(Korea Travel) Things to do in Danyang(단양)

I went to the Danyang last week then i will let you know most beauty spot for you guys.

Theses day, Danyang is getting popular by people who saw this place from Korean show.

There are many things to eat and see and feel like three combos in Danyang 😀

So Let’s find the thing to do in Danyang !

Where is Danyang ?

Danyang is nearby Chung ju lake in North, which is 2 hours from Seoul, in Chungcheong province. Flowing the lake by Danyang is like the flying dragon to the sky.

Beauty spot

1.Cafe Sann(산)

When you look down view from here, it is amazing. You can see the all over the place in Danyang. There are many type of coffee and delicious desert. Actually, I heard that Bread in here is so sweat and soft, so that we tried to eat it but already sold out 🙁

If you like the extreme sports, this place is the most well-known for paragliding. you can get trilled :D.

2.Mancheonha Skywalk

It is new attraction for must-visit. There was no since I visited in Danyang in 2016.

When i come up to the top of the tower, i couldn’t stand alone due to fear of height. The floor is transparent so that you can look down to bottom easily. Can you walk on the transparent floor ????

There are also extreme sports which is Zip wire and Alpinecoaster. Sadly, i couldn’t ride those one due to lack of time. When you visit here, Ride it, looking down the Namhan river.

Homepage : http://www.mancheonha.com/

Delicious Food

If you enjoy eating different types of food, you can go to the Gugyeong market(구경시장) that is Korean traditional market.

Danyang is actually well known for black garlic. So there are many foods with black garlic.

Here is famous some foods like Sundae stew with garlic and dumpling with garlic and fried chicken with garlic. Wow, Garlic is contained in any foods 😀

While wondering in this market, eat whatever make you water in your mouth. 😀

If you visit to Korea, why don’t you come to Danyang ? There is definately s way more different attraction compare to Seoul.

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