Disney+ Series ‘Moving’ Reveals Heartfelt Poster Starring Kim Sung-kyun

Disney+ has unveiled a moving poster for its original series ‘Moving,’ featuring Kim Sung-kyun in the role of a man, Lee Jaeman, whose life revolves around his family, especially his son.

The poster teases a “compelling emotional narrative” (Forbes) and follows in the footsteps of the Asian hit series ‘Squid Game’ (Variety). It presents a fresh take on the superhero genre within the realm of Korean series, earning praise like, “K-series can excel in the superhero genre as well” (IGN) and “A new K-series that redefines the concept of a superhero” (INFOBAE). It’s described as having both a warm emotional touch and a powerful essence (LIPUTAN6).

The phrase “Dad will protect you to the end” evokes a sense of deep paternal love and raises further questions about the unique journey of Kang Hoon and Lee Jaeman. In the upcoming 14th and 15th episodes, viewers can expect a complete turnaround as Lee Jaeman, with his hidden powers, rises to the occasion to save his family, showcasing the pinnacle of humanism. Fans are eagerly anticipating the emotional impact and surprises that lie ahead in the story of Jaeman and Kang Hoon.

From Disney+

‘Moving’ is a human action series that delves into the lives of parents who have hidden their painful secrets from their children while concealing their superhuman abilities in the present day. The series has become a massive hit, ranking as the most-watched Disney+ original series during its first week of release, not only in Korea but also across the Asia-Pacific region.

‘Moving’ is set to release a total of 20 episodes, with the first seven episodes debuting in the first week on Disney+ and the subsequent episodes airing every Wednesday. The series has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide, and its combination of emotional storytelling and superhuman intrigue continues to captivate audiences.

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