DJ SODA Speaks Out: Sexual Harassment Incident During Music Festival in Japan

Prominent female DJ DJ SODA recently shocked the public by revealing that she was sexually harassed by audience members during a performance at an outdoor music festival in Japan.

On the 14th, DJ SODA took to her social media to share, “While performing at the Osaka Music Circus Festival on the 13th, I was sexually harassed by not just one person, but multiple people who suddenly touched my chest.”

She continued, “I was extremely shocked and frightened, but because there were fans who really like me and even shed tears when they saw me, I tried my best to act like nothing happened and finish the performance. But I’m still extremely scared,” she confessed, expressing her sadness over the incident.

DJ SODA added that the incident occurred as she was attempting to communicate with her fans near the standing area after her performance.

She expressed disbelief, saying, “In the 10 years I’ve been performing as a DJ, I’ve never experienced anything like this (sexual harassment). It’s hard to believe this happened,” and expressed her frustration, saying, “It might be difficult to easily approach fans in the area near the stage from now on.”

Meanwhile, DJ SODA, who is actively performing as a representative female DJ in South Korea, has gained attention for her appearances in various domestic and international music festivals, garnering recognition for her striking appearance and exceptional skills.

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