(Korean Culture) blow your stress away in Korean Coin Karaoke(동전 노래방) ?

Today I will introduce the hottest place in Korea. It is Coin Karaoke to blow your stress away. Many young Korean visit to this place when they want to get rid of the feeling moody and gloomy. I also usually go there for singing by myself.

That’s “Coin Karaoke room!”


As you can see the sign “Coin Karaoke” above, that is place i went today to blow my stress away.


Walking inside, there are a lot of small rooms where we can sing. Almost Korean coin karaokes look well clean and nice like this picture. but, it is very small for just two people. But good thing is you don`t need to be shy for singing by oneself.

You can also recognize which rooms are empty as the red sign is on or off. then you can go inside as you can see above.


Now, It is time to insert coins! You can sing one song with 500 won ($0.5)
If you insert 5,000 ($5) won or 10,000 ($10) won at one time, you can get free songs more. what a good advantage !!!
At that time, I wanted to sing 12 songs, so I insert 5000 won as below. ^^

Don’t you have a coin? Don’t worry. There is a way to break it down.
There is a money exchange machine to break the money paper into coins.
After putting the money, press the number of a song you want with remote control.
You can search the number with remote control as below.


You can search by singer or sing, also you can search top 100 booming songs of K-Pop, J-Pop, Pop and etc.

My choice is “BBoomBBoom” by Momoland.


Let’s sing and dance :))
Here is a perfect place to blow our stress away with some coins.
Check your pocket and GO!GO!

Ps. If you are under 18, you can visit until 10 pm. and Credit or debit card are not permitted.

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