[Enjoy Korea with Kids] Korea’s premier theme park Everland(에버랜드)

everland theme park in south korea
Photo by Jason Alvarez on Pexels.com
The fire burned down the magic tree and now it’s gone. I expect something new to happen soon.

Hello everyone! Today, let’s explore Everland, Korea’s premier theme park, where diverse rides, captivating shows, and breathtaking scenery make it an ideal destination for family adventures.

1. Diverse Rides for Every Family Member

Everland is a paradise for thrill-seekers of all ages. From safe and enjoyable kiddie rides to heart-pounding roller coasters and thrilling attractions, there’s something for everyone. Each family member can find a ride that suits their taste, ensuring a day filled with excitement. I’ve only been able to enjoy baby rides because I have young children, but there are so many thrilling rides such as roller coasters!

Even though it’s rainy day, my family could enjoy.

2. Captivating Shows and Parades to Mesmerize Kids

Every day, Everland hosts vibrant shows and parades. Colorful characters dance and sing, enchanting families, and especially capturing the hearts of children. The parades even offer opportunities for kids to join in, creating unforgettable memories for the entire family. My favorite festival is the water fun festival in summer. It’s really exciting to have a water gun and enjoy it together.

3. Explore Everland’s Stunning Landscapes and Themed Zones

Everland boasts beautiful natural surroundings and diverse themed zones. Taking a stroll through each theme offers a unique atmosphere and story for families to enjoy. During spring, summer, and autumn, the park comes alive with blooming flowers and lush greenery, providing a chance for children to experience both nature and culture.

In this area, every season has a different theme. Personally, I like to have tulip festivals in spring.

4. Zoo (Safari world, Lost valley)

In Everland, you can see animals up close through the Safari World and the Lost Valley. On safari, wild animals can be seen very closely, and in the Lost Valley, herbivores can be seen very closely. What a perfect place for children. Just visiting these two places will be the best place for children.

Look forward to a delightful time at Everland, creating special moments with your family!

여기는 에버랜드예요. 아이들부터 어른들까지 좋아하는 놀이공원이에요.
무섭지만 아주 재밌는 놀이기구들이 많이 있어요. 가장 유명한 놀이기구는 T익스프레스가 있어요. 나무로 만들어진 길을 달리는 롤러코스터예요. 그리고 아주 유명하고 귀여운 판다 푸바오를 볼 수 있어요. 판다 뿐만 아니라 버스를 타고 동물들을 가까이 볼 수도 있어요. 아이들이 정말 좋아해요. 서울에서 조금 멀어요. 하지만 강남역에서 바로 가는 버스가 있어요. 가격도 비싼 편이에요. 하지만 재밌는 축제, 예쁜 공원, 신나는 놀이기구와 귀여운 동물들을 모두 즐길 수 있는 환상의 테마파크예요. 한국에 오면 꼭 한 번 즐기길 바래요.

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