(K-Movie) Jo In-sung Shines in “Smugglers” and “Moving”

In the realm of Korean cinema, one name is currently stealing the spotlight – Jo In-sung. Known for his exceptional acting prowess, he’s making waves with his performances in two highly anticipated projects, “Smugglers” and “Moving.” Let’s delve into these exciting developments in the Korean entertainment industry.

“Smugglers”: A Maritime Crime Drama Unveiling Unprecedented Twists

“Smugglers” takes audiences on a gripping journey into the world of maritime crime. The film revolves around individuals who have been making a living by retrieving essential supplies tossed into the sea. However, their lives take an unexpected turn when a monumental opportunity presents itself. Starring Kim Hye-soo and Yeom Jeong-ah in the lead roles, the film is directed by the acclaimed Ryoo Seung-wan, known for his previous hits like “Veteran” and “The Unjust.”

With Jo In-sung’s impeccable execution of moments that exude ‘coolness’ at 200%, the film “Smugglers” has already gained an upper hand in the intense summer battle of the top 4 Korean films. It’s on the verge of surpassing 4 million viewers and breaking even.

Disney Plus’s new original series “Moving” represents a human action genre that portrays children living in the present, concealing their superpowers, and parents with hidden painful secrets from their past. Adapted from the original webtoon by Kang Full and led by director Park In-je of “Kingdom Season 2,” the production team, including those who worked on “Squid Game” and “The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos,” collaborated on this high-quality project.

In the series, Jo In-sung plays ‘Kim Doo-sik,’ the best black agent of the An Gi-bu, who appears in the backstory of Mi-hyun (Han Hyo-joo). Doo-sik (Jo In-sung) inherits flight ability from the Doo-sik-Mi-hyun couple, while Mi-hyun possesses superhuman senses. The role of their son, ‘Kim Bong-seok,’ who inherits flying and sensory abilities from the couple, is portrayed by Lee Jeong-ha.

Investing more than 50 billion KRW, a record-breaking production budget in Korean drama history, “Moving” will release episodes 1 to 7 on August 9th, followed by two episodes every Wednesday. The total series consists of 20 episodes.

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