(Korean Movie) Memorable entrance scenes featuring Male Actors

Korean cinema has produced a plethora of captivating moments that have left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide. Among these, the entrance scenes featuring male actors stand out as some of the most unforgettable cinematic experiences. From dramatic transformations to intense action sequences, these scenes have garnered attention not only for their storytelling but also for the exceptional performances of the actors.

1. Lee Jin-wook (Beauty Inside)

Amidst the ongoing success of ‘Beauty Inside,’ which has surpassed one million viewers, a scene featuring Lee Jin-wook, who portrays the 14th romance interest Woo-jin in the film, has been highlighted as a memorable moment.

Lee Jin-wook took on the role of Woo-jin in the movie ‘Beauty Inside’ (directed by Baek Jong-yeol), which was released on the 20th of last month.

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2. Lee Jung-jae (The Face Reader)

During the production of the movie “The Face Reader,” there was a situation where they fell short of 50 million won in music costs due to a frozen budget, particularly for the scene featuring Prince Suyang’s appearance.

It’s reported that Lee Jung-jae was the first to offer a reduction in his appearance fee to complete the scene. After the success of “The Face Reader,” Director Han Jae-rim expressed his gratitude in an interview, and ultimately, this scene remains as one of the most iconic scenes in the history of South Korean cinema.

Lee Byung-woo, the music director, invested the most money into a scene in the movie, which happens to be the same iconic appearance scene. Even on revisiting it, the scene still evokes a powerful impact, largely attributed to the grandeur of the music.

3. Kang Dong-won (Romance of Their own)

One of the scenes that has been parodied countless times is from the movie “Romance of Their own(2004)”, featuring Kang Dong-won’s entrance sequence. This scene, often referred to as the “Kang Dong-won umbrella scene,” captures the moment when the character Jung Tae-sung (Kang Dong-won) jumps into an umbrella held by Jung Han-kyung (Lee Chung-ah). The highlight of the scene is Kang Dong-won’s bright smile under the umbrella. When the “umbrella scene” appeared in “Romance of Their own,” the quiet theater was filled with the cheers of female audience members.

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4. Kim Su-Hyun (Miss Granny)

The surprising twist sequence from the movie “Miss Granny(2014)”, which required intense security measures before its release, featured Kim Soo-hyun’s appearance.

In the climactic moment, Park (played by Park In-hwan), who had returned to his original appearance in front of Oh Mal-soon (played by Na Moon-hee), arrives on a motorcycle and takes off his helmet. The theater was abuzz with excitement as Park’s youthful appearance is revealed – all thanks to the unexpected appearance of Kim Soo-hyun.

At the time, Kim Soo-hyun was at the height of his popularity due to his role in the drama “Miss Granny” and his surprise cameo appearance stirred the hearts of many.

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