“Lee Je-hoon to Portray Young Detective Park Young-han in Upcoming Drama ‘Chief of Detectives 1963′”

Actor Lee Je-hoon is set to take on the role of a young Detective Park Young-han in the upcoming drama “Chief of Detectives 1963” (working title), slated for the latter half of the year. This new series serves as a prequel to the iconic “Chief of Detectives” show that aired from 1971 to 1989 on MBC. The story delves into Park Young-han’s journey from a detective to becoming the chief he’s known for in the original series.

Return of a Classic

From tvN and MBC

“Chief of Detectives” was a groundbreaking detective drama that aired for 18 years on MBC, making it Korea’s first-ever investigative TV series. “Chief of Detectives 1963” is expected to share a similar backdrop and character elements with its predecessor while highlighting cases that challenge human dignity even more intensely.

A Character’s Transformation

The production team behind “Chief of Detectives 1963” shared that the show would enlighten familiar viewers about how Park Young-han becomes the chief they know, while introducing him for the first time to new audiences with a satisfying catharsis and showcasing his inherent charisma.

Lee Je-hoon’s Recent Success

From Drama “Taxi Driver”

Lee Je-hoon recently captivated viewers in the role of a righteous avenger in the second season of “Taxi Driver” (SBS), successfully breaking through the frustration of audiences. In an interview with “The Hankyoreh,” he highlighted the resonance of dramas that tackle real-life events and underscored the potential for meaningful works that raise awareness about important issues.

Creative Team and Direction

“Chief of Detectives 1963” is penned by writer Kim Young-shin, marking her first mini-series script. The directorial reins are in the hands of Kim Sung-hoon, known for directing films like “Confidential Assignment” and “Rampant.” Accomplished writer Park Jae-bum, who has contributed to dramas such as “Vincenzo” and “The Fiery Priest,” is participating as a creator overseeing the entire production.

Innovative Collaboration

The drama’s creation follows a collaborative system initiated by writer Park Jae-bum in his writing office, known as the “Plot Store,” established in 2019. “Chief of Detectives 1963” is the first result of this innovative approach to co-creation.

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