Let’s Learn Korean by Goblin ep 1 (Korean Drama)

“Goblin” was very famous Korean drama in 2017 by staring Gongyu, Lee-dongwook, Kim-Goeun

Actually, Learning another language is dramatically difficult ^^

So, I bring you the way that watching drama for studying !!!

It’s easy to study Korean by drama.

Let`s do it.

<Lets Practice>

뭐야 ? -> Who are you ?

멧돼지 -> Boar

? -> What ?

너는 멧돼지를 받은 것이다. -> You hit the boar.

괜찮으세요 ? -> Are you ok ?

신고해드릴까요 ? -> Would you mind if I call 119

제가요, 멧돼지를 치어가지고요. -> I hit the boar.

갑자기, 멧돼가 튀어나와가지고.. -> Suddenly, the boar rushed into me.

멧돼지요? 강남 한복판에 ? -> The Boar ? In middle of Gangnam ?

받다, 치다 : hit 갑자기 : Suddenly

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