Let’s Try Korean bbq(삼겹살) !!!

Let’s Try Korean bbq(삼겹살) !!!

Today, I’m here with best Korean Barbeque dining bar for you guys.

Let’s have a trip to Korean bbq~ go go go go !!!

It is one of hottest booming Korean BBQ dining bar, which is called “Hanam Pig

It is the interior of the restaurant. All tables covered by vinyl makes staff clean easily.

You should know that there is a hollow space under the seat before you seating 🙂

and they have the room for roasted bbq fast first before serving as bellow. The staff roasted it inside as ordered. so if you need more bbq, you should order it 15 minute in advance.

Offering the bbq by a staff(almost expert)

When I came here first, it was very fresh to me, which is “Grilling Barbeque by themselves in front of customers“.

Cooking the bbq by a staff offers comfortable environment for anyone, especially foreigners who don’t know how to cook.

This time, i ordered “One Galmeagisal-Skirt Meat” and “Two Samgyeopsal-Pork Belly” and “Soybean Paste Stew” for two persons.

Look at this picture. What a best bbq ever 🙂 ~ The expert is cooking next to us as above so that you can enjoy both seeing and eating.

Great Supporter “Myeongi Namul”

One more thing attracts to me is one of my favorite things among side dishes in “Hanam Pig”, which is “Myeongi Namul(Ramps)

It is an early spring vegetable that grow wild in the Korean mountains, taste like a cross between a leek and garlic and have a strong, fresh taste that reminds me of spring time.

When the Barbegue comes in mouth with “Myeongi Namul”, it would be a fantastic combination. You’d better to try it !!!!

And other side dishes are almost same as common restaurants. Plus, First side dishes come by a staff, but if you need more, you should go to the self bar then bring it on your own.

Korean culture “Ssam”

Ssam, meaning “Wrapped”, refers to a dish in Korean cuisine in which, usually, leafy vegetables are used to wrap a piece of meat such as pork with sometimes “Ssamjang” and “Garlic”, “Onion”, “Bean sprout”.

This video makes my mouth water again haha :). When you visit to Korea, then if you have a chance of eating Korean bbq, Please, try it out like this !!!!!

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