(Korean Show) Lim Ji-yeon Opens Up About Her Relationship with Lee Do-hyun on ‘You Quiz On The Block’

In a recent episode of the popular tvN variety show ‘You Quiz On The Block,’ actress Lim Ji-yeon made an appearance and spilled some exciting details about her personal life. Lim Ji-yeon, who is currently gaining much attention for her roles in hit dramas like ‘The Glory’ and ‘Lies Hidden In My Garden,’ revealed her thoughts on her delayed appearance on the show and shared heartwarming stories about her co-stars. However, what caught everyone’s attention was when she mentioned her boyfriend, Lee Do-hyun, and their sweet relationship.

The Long-Awaited Appearance

On the episode, Lim Ji-yeon expressed her excitement to finally be a guest on ‘You Quiz On The Block.’ She playfully shared that she had been eagerly waiting for her chance, as her fellow co-stars Jung Sung-il and Lee Do-hyun had appeared on the show before her. She couldn’t help but feel a little envious of their earlier appearances, especially with their dramas, like ‘The Glory,’ receiving immense love from the audience.

Praise from the Hosts

The hosts, Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se-ho, showered Lim Ji-yeon with compliments for her recent successful projects. They mentioned her outstanding performances in ‘The Glory’ and ‘Lies Hidden In My Garden,’ and she humbly acknowledged the growing popularity of her works. Lim Ji-yeon also shared some amusing anecdotes about how her fondness for jjajangmyeon became a topic of discussion among the production staff.

Heartwarming Stories About Co-stars

During the show, Lim Ji-yeon also took the opportunity to share heartwarming stories about her co-stars from ‘The Glory’ and ‘The House with a Yard.’ She revealed her interactions with actress Song Hye-kyo and how they quickly became close on set. She also couldn’t stop praising Kim Tae-hee, calling her an angel and expressing her gratitude for the support and friendship she received from both actresses.

The Mention of Lee Do-hyun

The highlight of the episode came when Lim Ji-yeon was asked to dance. She initially hesitated but eventually shared a cute story about her boyfriend, Lee Do-hyun. Apparently, Lee Do-hyun playfully teased her about her dancing skills, particularly her Techtonik dance moves. The audience couldn’t help but gush over their adorable relationship.

Public Confirmation of Relationship

The couple’s relationship became public knowledge back in April, and since then, fans have been supportive and excited for them. Lim Ji-yeon and Lee Do-hyun’s five-year age gap has not deterred their love, and they have been going strong ever since they revealed their affection for each other.

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