K-drama “Celebrity Season 1” – A Riveting Tale of Fame, Drama, and Intrigue

“Why are they obsessed with followers?” You can find out by watching this drama… Netflix’s ‘Celebrity.

“Netflix Original Celebrity” is a gripping new series that takes viewers behind the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. Set in the fast-paced world of Hollywood, the show follows the lives of four rising stars as they navigate the challenges of fame, deal with personal struggles, and grapple with the ever-present pressure to maintain their public image. With Season 1 already capturing the attention of viewers worldwide, here’s a glimpse of what makes this original drama a must-watch


The Netflix drama “Celebrity” revolves around the protagonist, Seo Ari (played by Park Gyu-young), who was presumed dead as a celebrity (abbreviated as “celeb”) suddenly goes live on social media to expose the truth. The story takes viewers back to a time when she was just a salesperson for a small cosmetics company with no interest in social media.

In this SNS-dominated world, influencers with lavish lifestyles and branded products hold significant influence. They form a group called “Gabinhoe” to showcase extravagant photos and organize joint purchases, reaping enormous profits. The drama portrays the power of the SNS world, where fame is determined by how many people know you. Seo Ari makes a scathing remark about the “Gabinhoe,” becoming an instant “power influencer” with 1.3 million followers, and even gains a management agency.

In the Netflix drama “Celebrity,” the protagonist Seo Ari (played by Park Gyu-young) becomes an influencer with over one million followers in the blink of an eye. She revels in the flashing cameras and actively enjoys the fame and fortune that come with being an influencer.

The drama delves into the lives of influencers, portraying them as the emerging nobility of society, obtaining popularity, wealth, and power solely through their SNS presence. In the real world, influencers gain followers simply by taking photos together and posting them online. Once they reach a certain number of followers, agencies approach them, offering various sponsorship deals. Fame brings in money.

Not only does the number of followers matter, but the quality of followers is also crucial. “How many celebrities follow you? That’s where your real status is determined.” (Seo Ari’s narration) Seo Ari strategically plans for famous models to follow her, further boosting her popularity and creating her own brand. Her changing hairstyles, from a neat bob to wild hair, symbolize her transformation as she becomes a celebrity.

“Celebrity” sheds light on the real faces of influencers and the hidden side of the SNS world, where fame and power can be achieved rapidly. The drama explores the impact and influence of social media on society, critiquing the unfairness and anger that arise from false rumors spread on SNS.

Reason for producing this film

Kim Cheol-gyu, the director known for handling heavy themes in dramas like “The Flower of Evil,” “Daemul,” and “Hwang Jin Yi,” took on the task of directing this drama and decided to start using SNS. He admitted that he couldn’t understand the obsession with the number of followers until he created his own SNS account and experienced the desire to increase followers for the first time.

In the drama, Kim Cheol-gyu vividly portrays the psychology of characters in the SNS world who are always comparing themselves to others. Existing members of the “Gabinhoe” (the group within the drama) put Seo Ari in danger, and even fans who used to adore her create an account called ‘Ugly Seo Ari’ to spread insults. ‘Kkapan’ accounts are those that insult a specific person with baseless rumors. Seo Ari’s life takes a downturn due to these attacks.

Characters like Jin Chae-hee, the sister of the law firm’s CEO, and the famous influencer Oh Min-hye, all members of Gabinhoe, appear glamorous on the outside but secretly obsess over their follower count. They exhibit a human tendency to be obsessed with the number of ‘likes’ that make everyone believe they are perfect. The drama also reveals the herd mentality, as everyone rushes to join in when an issue arises, regardless of the truth. Some episodes in the drama evoke real-life events.

Since the drama’s release, there has been a reaction of “I already knew, but I’ve become even more skeptical of the products sold by influencers” and “There must be a reason why so many influencers are selling enzymes.” The drama brings to light the impact of influencer culture and raises questions about the authenticity and ethics of social media.

In preparation for Season 2

“Celebrity” consists of a total of 12 episodes. Each episode’s intense and provocative ending leaves viewers eager to click on the next one. The drama showcases flashy directing with hashtags like ‘#GetFamous’ and ‘#Engage’ and captions of SNS comments in subtitles. True to its theme of celebrities, the drama also features special appearances from celebrities like Lee Jun-ho, Jung Yu-mi, and Lee Sang-yoon, as well as real-life influencers like Glenn Check, Giu Sam, Aiki, Anna, Emma Beauty, and Company Employee A.

However, some of the lines spoken by the chaebol executive Han Jun-gyeong (played by Kang Min-hyuk), who engages in a ‘straightforward romance’ with Seo Ari, might hinder the immersion. One may question whether it was necessary to insert a ‘Cinderella romance’ story into the already intriguing plot involving Seo Ari, who goes by the name ‘Candy.’

Park Gyu-young, who played the lead role, made a strong impression with her ‘short hair’ through this drama. Recently, she met with reporters and shared that she thought having a Lego-like short hairstyle might help the character stand out compared to other actors appearing as celebrities with more glamorous styling. She said, “Even a 1mm difference would change the atmosphere, causing continuity issues, so I had to trim my hair slightly every ten days.” Park Gyu-young has been confirmed for the casting of “Squid Game” Season 2.

“Netflix Original Celebrity” Season 1 is a captivating drama that delves into the multifaceted lives of celebrities, shedding light on the challenges, sacrifices, and triumphs that come with fame. With a star-studded cast, intriguing storylines, and a poignant exploration of identity, this series has quickly become a favorite among viewers seeking a compelling and relatable drama. As fans eagerly await the next chapter, “Netflix Original Celebrity” promises to keep audiences hooked with its riveting tale of fame, drama, and intrigue.

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