(Korean Culture) Things to do in Jjimjilbang(찜질방)

I’m here to introduce Korean style Sauna which is called as “Jjimjilbang” to you guys. In Korea, there are very unique systems that you can enjoy eating, seeing and relaxing compare to other countries.

Let’s take a look

Enjoy Eating !

In Korean Spa, there are various foods like Ramen, Seaweed soup, Sikhye(Sweet rice drink), Boiled egg, Misugaru latte.

So many things to pick one of them, but I strongly recommend “Must-eat” !! which are Sik-hye and Boiled egg.

Just after getting out from the Sauna, then you’d better to drink Sik-Hye(Sweet rice drink) that gets rid of the hotness.

When you are hungry a little, just eat boiled egg. Those are amazing combination.

Enjoy Seeing !

In some big spa, there may be cinema and arcade. They have time table, so that you can watch the movie in that time.

I watched the movie, seating in the most comfortable chair, pushing it to backward as the picture.

Actually, i fell asleep in the middle of the movie that was the valuable relaxing time ever !!!

Enjoy Relaxing !

As you can see the picture, there are enough spaces for taking a break.

There is no priority that taking a shower fist then going into the spa or not. Just it’s up to you.

For me, taking a relax first then taking a shower.

There are tunnel space for sleeping as below, so that you can sleep inside without other’s eyes, but Remember that just keep your items in the pocket of the spa cloth for getting lost or stolen.

In Jjimjil-bang, they have many types of saunas, so that you can choose the spa with preferable temperature(Range of 45 ℃ to 100 ℃), materials.

If you visit to Korea, why don’t you take a relax for a moment in “Jjimjilbang” ?

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