Song Seung-hyun will be leaving FT Island

Song Seung-hyun will be leaving FT Island

Four-member band “FT Island” made a new re-contract with current entertainment company “FNC” except for Song Seung-hyun (27).

The related company FNC Entertainment announced that three members FT Island Lee Hong-ki, Lee Jae-jin, Choi Min-hwan will have a re-contract, Other member Song Seung-hyun will end his exclusive contract on 31th of December and finish team activity on 24 of Dec on the official website.

In addition, “Song Seung-hyun decided to concentrate on activities as an actor with the expiration of the contract period.”

Song has been performing with group activities and appearing in web dramas, plays and musicals.

FNC canceled the contract with FT Island leader Choi Jong-hoon(29) after investigation for sharing illegal shots last year.

Main vocal Lee Hong-gi (29) enlisted in September, and bassist Lee Jae-jin (28) and drummer Choi Min-hwan (27) are also in the age of enlistment.

Those who made their debut in 2007 gained popularity not only in Korea but also throughout Asia, including Japan, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

His representative songs include ‘Love Sickness’, ‘Heavy’, ‘Thunder’, ‘Love Love’, and ‘Wish’.

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