(Korean Show) Kevin De Bruyne on ‘You Quiz on the Block’

A recent episode of the popular tvN entertainment show ‘You Quiz on the Block’ delighted viewers with an unexpected guest appearance. None other than Kevin De Bruyne, the world-renowned footballer and ace player of Manchester City, made a surprise appearance through a special VCR video. The episode aired on the 2nd of the month, leaving fans of the show and football enthusiasts alike thrilled.

A Treble-Winning Superstar

Kevin De Bruyne’s appearance on ‘You Quiz on the Block’ comes on the heels of his remarkable achievements in the last season. Having secured victories in the UEFA Champions League, the English Premier League (EPL), and the FA Cup, De Bruyne led Manchester City to a historic treble. His talent, skill, and dedication on the football pitch have earned him a place among the world’s most esteemed athletes.

A Memorable Visit to South Korea

The reason behind De Bruyne’s surprise appearance can be traced back to his visit to South Korea for a special occasion. On the 30th of the previous month, the football star arrived in Seoul to participate in a friendly match against Atletico Madrid as part of the Coupang Play Series. During his time in Korea, De Bruyne enjoyed the warm hospitality and the support of Korean fans, making his visit all the more memorable.

Gratitude Towards Korean Fans

In the heartwarming VCR video, Kevin De Bruyne expressed his gratitude to the passionate Korean fans for their unwavering support throughout the season. He acknowledged the pivotal role their love and encouragement played in Manchester City’s successful campaign. De Bruyne’s words of appreciation touched the hearts of viewers, fostering a deeper connection between the footballer and his global fanbase.

A Promise for the Future

As the VCR appearance unfolded, De Bruyne left fans excited with a promise to return to Korea in the near future. The football star expressed his desire to meet the show’s hosts, MC Yoo Jae-suk and Cho Se-ho, in person. With an enthusiastic proclamation of “You Quiz on the Block!” he left viewers eagerly anticipating his next visit and interaction with the show’s hosts.

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