(South Korea Travel) Things to do in Andong(안동)

Hello, I visited to Andong(안동) which is one of most historic city throughout Korea.

So, I will show how wonderful Andong was 😀

Let’s take a look the tings to travel in Andong in South Korea !

1. About Andong

Andoing is a capital of North Gyeongsang Province. It is the largest city in northern part of province. The Nakdong river flows through the city.

This city is well-known as centre of culture and folk traditions. The surrounding area maintains many ancient traditions, so in mid October the Andong Folk Festival is held ever year.

2. Must eat

1) Andong jjimdak(안동찜닭)

If you hear “Andong”, the first food poped up is “Andong jjimdak” 😀

It is a variety of jjim (Korean steamed or braised dish) made with chicken, cellophane noodles, and various vegetables marinated in ganjang(korean soy sauce)

There is Andong jjimdak alley near Andong station, so that you can easily find it.

If you visit here, must eat !!

2) Gan-godeungeo (Salted Mackerel)

Andong’s savory mackerel ? I just realized this food is also famous in Andong.

A meaty fish is brought out on a hot grill and begins to sizzle in its savory oils.

In the past, this fish would have had to travel over 80 kilometers from Yeongdeok, a seaside village on the East sea. It wasn’t easy to carry without fast transportation. In order to preserve it, the people of Andong came up with a preservation method which is “Salted”

Anyway, It’s also quite delicious food, so you’d better eat !!

3. Must go

1) jjimdak alley (찜닭거리)

If you visit to Andong, you must go to jjimdak alley, surrounding thousands of jjimdak restaurant.

It is near Andong bus terminal and station, so that easy to access to this place 😀

2) Hahoe village (하회마을)

Hahoe is the village the members of Ryu family which originated from Hahoe village have lived together for 600 years.

This place is especially well-known as the birth place of Ryu Unryong(류은룡) and Ryu Seongryong(류성룡) They were brother : the one was great confucian scholar of the Joseon Dynasty.

The reason for the village name Hohoe(Ha means a river and hoe means turning around) was that the Nakdong river flows around this village in an S shape.

It takes approximately 2 hours to see around the village, so if you want save the time, rent the small car for 25 dollars per 2 people / 1 hr and 35 dollars per 4 people / 1hr

3) Buyongdae Cliff(부용대)

Buyongdae cliff is located across from the Hahoe village, in mid Nakdong river flows, so that you can see this cliff so easily. you can also across by bridge, then climb it. I heard it is so wonderful scenery from the peak. But i couldn’t make it due to the weather.

4) Wolyoung-gyo Bridge (월영교)

The largest wooden bridge in the nation with 3.6 m wide and 387 m long. This bride is in harmony with moonlight on the lake and mountains surrounding the Nakdong river.

There are many kinds of flea market and some events held around the bridge. so Check the event before visit !

If you are tired of being just in Seoul, Why don’t you choose Andong !!

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