(Seoul Travel) Most trendiest place, Yeonnam-dong !!!

Here is guide for Yeonnam-dong !!!

Hello, Guys, I’m back with new place in Seoul. Actually, I went to Yeonnam-dong in Seoul last week.

Yeonnam-dong is already most popular and trendy district for all Koreans and foreigners.

One by one, the collection of narrow alleyways and small streets began to fill up with unique shops and antique, new trendy cafes and restaurants, so that remember you can’t easily find the restaurant 😀

Anyway, Hit the road !!!

History of Yeonnam

Yeonnam-dong has emerged as the largest hot place in Seoul, a city that is constantly changing and creating new trends. Originally a normal neighborhood just like any other, the area recently saw and influx of young artists and designers who have places their creative mark on this area.

Gyeongui Line Forest Park

Gyeongui line forest park is a long area that was the train rail way long time ago and changed to be landmark for tourists. It is sometimes called “Yeontral Park” originated from “New york Central Park”. Many people spread out picnic mats and enjoy free concerts by buskers.

Actually, drinking beer or something like that was fine on the grass, but now unluckily prohibited due to the often accidents. That’s bad 🙁

Lilin, lndonesian dining restaurant

For lunch time, I try to eat unique food never eaten before. so, Indonesian food is finally determined 😀

I heard “Tomato curry” is the most hot food for the fans. so i ordered it without hesitation and dried noodle “Migoreng” and “Banana tempura”

At first, i was hesitated with unique food, but when i saw that food in front me, it`s totally changed.

The looking and smell of food is my style at all, and texture of it is also perfect.

Remember that if you are late, it takes 1.5 hr at minimum, so put your name and number on waiting list, then look around other place first. they call you whenever they are ready.

If you have a chance to visit here, Try it !!!

Fuhaha, Cream bread with variety of flavour

Strawberry cream bread, salted cream bread, passion fruit cream bread, matcha cream bread, read bread cream bread…

makes your mouth water. Isn’t it???

Cream bread is a staple of Korean bakeries, but this place is another level.

Whenever i visit here, i always drop by here.

Around 5-6 years ago, i visited here and i kept coming again and again due to the tasty never forgot

At that time, there is no seats for eating, just take-out is available but, now there are some seats in front of shop.

Anyway, I strongly recommend this shop !!!!

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