Do you know Seoul Bike System “Ttareungyi(따릉이)” ?

Let’s ride around Seoul !

Hello ~ Guys 😀

I’m here to inform you Amazing bike system in Seoul.

I will show you what’s this system and how to use it. Follow me !!!

What is “Ttareungyi” ?

Seoul is very complex and busy city, so there are may traffic jam everywhere. Here is the best way to avoid it. It’s rental bike system in Seoul, which the Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) expanded for operation in 2015 has became even easier to transport and travel around Seoul.

How to use it ?

Here is the procedure for renting the bike.

1. Voucher purchase from the site (

  • Select “Voucher” and Purchase “Button”
  • Select a voucher (for one hour or two hours) and make a payment
  • Check the rental number. (eight-digit number consisting of 1 to 6)

2. Select a bike and enter the rental number

  • Press the terminal button
  • Select the rental number input button
  • Enter the first four digits of the eight-digit rental number
  • Enter the last four digits of the eight-digit rental number

3. Rental-Disconnect the terminal lock.

  • Pull the lock bundle on the right side often terminal in the direction of the arrow within 10 seconds

4. Return – Bikes can be returned to any Trareungyi rental place

Offering the convenience via Smart tech for you.

Since Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG) announced “Sharing City Seoul”, “Ttareungyi system has been trendy, because it is regarded as a success story like Hangzhou and Wuhan where some of the largest public bike system have been installed, lies in the convenience it offers via smart technology.

First of all, Ttareungyi can be rented and paid for, using the mobile app Seoul bike. Without needing to register, you can purchase a daily ticket for $1 by verifying the mobile phone number, or you can register and purchase different types of tickets, including tickets for 7 days, 30 days, 180 days or 365 days.

Second of all, It’s smart technology can also be found in the touch panel device attached at the heart of the bike. when riding the bike, you can check how long you are riding and a text message service is also provided to let the user know the return time in advance.

Third of all, You can check the rental/return place on App’s map. Even if the bike rack is completely full of other bikes, But you don’ need to worry about it. The connection line attached to the touch panel can be plugged into another touch panel device of another bike, and the return process is automatically completed.

Wow….It is amazing, isn’t it ???

When you visit to Korea, Ride the bike with your friends along the Han-river 🙂

Bye~See ya ^^

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