Do you wanna enjoy Fast food in Korean convenience store? – Part 1

Its time to introduce most popular convenience store in Korea. There are 3 popular one. GS 25 , CU, Seven Eleven as you can see below.

편의점 로고

They run 24 hours depends on the area. but, most of them do 24 hours. So you can drop by the store anytime

The convenience store are getting popular and the portion are getting bigger in Korea. They sell food, all kinda amenities, beer, drug, cigarettes, coffee etc. It’s hardly to find nothing.

First, It’s CU which is No. 1 convenience store in Korea. 35 % of market portion are taken by CU. Here is the interior of CU.

As you can see, they have enough seats for eating inside or outside depends on the area.

Now, I will introduce “Must-eat” in CU.
1. “도시락(Dosirak)”

You can try all different ingredient, flavor and style of Dosirak. They have some promotions. If you buy one, you can get drink discounted. The cost of all “Dosirak” ranges 3500 won to 6000 won.



Why don’t you buy one of it, then bring to the Hanriver with your friends ?

2. “라면(Ramen)”

You wanna try Korean ramen with Cheese, Lobster, Fishcake, Hot chili, Deokboki, Pork. You can get experience with all different taste. But watch out with “Spicy”. There are some i even couldn’t eat. ^^

As you can see, there are lots of “PB Ramen” of CU.

3. “과자(Snack)”

There are also “PB Snack” here. Now, I show you famous some snacks. In my opinion, the green one is the best. The cost of all PB snacks ranges from 1000 won to 1500 won. So, you’d better to eat PB snacks. I also guarantee the taste !

4. “삼각김밥(Triangle Kimbab)”

Last, I can totally tell you it`s the most famous food among customers in CU. There are all different ingredients like tuna, pork, beef, fish eggs etc in it.

Plus, They have many promotions. If you buy Triangle Kimbab, you can get juice or some beverage discounted. So, Don’t miss it.

So If you visit to Korea, Why don’t you give it a shot in CU?

I will be back with introducing the rest.

Have a great day from Coko.

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