(Korean Market) Things to do in Saemaeul Traditional Market(새마을시장)

Where is Saemaeul ?

From now on, I will introduce one of Korean Tradition Market named “Saemaeul Traditional Market” in Seoul.

There are different types of Market in Seoul. Some are for the amenity, some for the the hardware, some for foods, some for the electric, some for the craft…etc.

The “Saemaeul Traditional Market” is for fresh vegetables and foods. This market is located in “Jamsilsaene” station of line no 2. You get off from exit then go straight for about 5 min. to see the sign “Saemaeul Tranditional Market(새마을 시장)“.

The sign to “Saemaeul Traditional Market” says exit 2. but don’t go there. Just get off the exit 3. That’s faster !!

Actually, “Jamsil district” is the most richest district in Korea compare to other city, except for Gangnam distrcit^^;

You have a chance of eating the cheap food in the rich district

so every things are expensive. so when you arrive here, you could be surprise. Because, this market could be unbalance with other surrounding high-rising building.

So, if you want to enjoy cheap foods, i strongly recommend this market.

All foods cost very cheaper than other common market, Especially, vegetables are very cheap. Owners also put some special foods which is super cheap in front of them as you can see below.

And there are some very popular food store. One sell “Dumpling and another sell “Crispy chicken with sweat sauce”.

As you can see the picture, they always have long queue for over 20 min.

They sell “Shrimp dumpling“, “Kimchi dumpling” and “Pork dumpling“. Thin, semitransparent dumpling skins are wrapped around delicious stuffing.

Three of them are so delicious. but i strongly recommend “shrimp dumpling”

This store sell “Crispy chicken with sweat sauce”. In my opinion, this food taste just common as other store. Nothing special.

If you are hungry, you’d better to buy “Dumpling”.

In my feeling after looking around this market, it is very pleasure to get cheap foods in richdistrict, and if you visit to “Lotte World Tower” or “Jamsil stadium” for baseball game, then get some experience in Korean Traditional Market once at least.

I will be back with other Korean Traditional Market.

From Coko. See ya !

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