(Korea Travel) Attractions in Pocheon(포천)

Halo. I’m back with travel information of Korea. I went to Sanjeong Lake and Art Valley which is located in Pocheon City that is northern region of Kyeonggi province on this holiday. Sadly, It was cloud at that time. but I had great time by being in the nature.

Many of you guys who are interested in Korea, or plan to Korea don’t know this place. So, I will give you information about theses attractions for Korea travel

Im in “Sanjeong Lake”

Sanjeong Lake ??

Sanjeong Lake is called Sanjeong-hosu in Korean. The “Hosu” means the “Lake”. This place is one of the main attractions in Pocheon and is situated down in the valley between Myeongseong Mountain, Mangbong Mountain, and Mangmubong Peak.

Especially, Beautiful fog often rises from the lake in spring and fall, making boating at night quite picturesque.


What things to do ?

There are two things to do. One is the hiking in “Dulegil(둘레길)”. Dule(둘레) means Circular and “Gil(길)” means trail.

It is the sign of “Dulegil”. Let’s take a walk along the Sanjeong Lake on this trail.

Second thing is riding a Duck ship !!

It’s good to ride it with nice view but costs $1.8 per 30 minute which is quite expensive.

If you have a company, you’d better to give a shot once at least.

Recommend this food !

Local restaurants are renowned for their delicious, Wholesome dishes made using freshwater snails and mushrooms. other local favorites include maeuntang(spicy fish stew), dotorimuk(acorn jelly), sanchae baekban(Korean set menu with seasoned wild vegitables).

There are lots of delicious tasting foods in Pocheon. But, I will recommend this food, which is made of Tofu, called “Sundubu jjigae“.

The restaurant Sanbital(산비탈)” is famous for this food. Their “Sundubu jjigae” is country style so, it’s quite different from it you guys used to eat in Seoul.

Look at this picture. Its white stew which is very plain and mild-tasting and with not too chemical seasoning.

Why don’t you try this food ???

How to get there ?

One way : Take a bus in Dongseoul Terminal to Uncheon Terminal then transfer to a bus No. 138-6 or 71

Two way : Take a subway to Uijeongbu station then transfer to a bus No. 138-6

I’m in the “Art Valley(아트밸리)”

What is the Art Valley ?

Oddly shaped rocks and a beautiful lake were once a closed quarry. The transformation was the outcome of Korea’s first environment restoration project led by Pocheon-si. Nowadays, this place is booming by tourist due to exposure from K-Drama.

More information

There is tram goes up to the destination for around 10 minute. But I’m not recommending this due to the long queue. If you have a baby or elderly, No choice. otherwise, You’d better to take a walk, it takes just less than 25 minute.

And there is some activity programs, which is Aroma crafts, Glass & pottery crafts, Making toy by recycling, Socks & fleshy plant crafts, and the art shop.

What they are available ?

  • Summer (Mar.-Oct.) 09:00-22:00
  • Winter(Nov.-Feb.) 09:00-21:00

– Mon. : 09:00-19:00 (Last admission 18:00)

– Last admission : 2 hours before closing

When you visit to Korea, if you are bored of touring in Seoul, why don’t you come to Pocheon-si for touring ??

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