Let’s enjoy at Bamdokkaebi Night Market(밤도깨비 야시장)?

Let’s enjoy at Bamdokkaebi Night Market(밤도깨비 야시장)?

Today, I will introduce “Bamdokkaebi Night Market” in Banpo-Hanriver park.


You can enjoy a variety of foods, Looking at the night view of the Hanriver.

Can you see the Nam-san tower?? It’s Amazing!!!


There are a lot of food truck, so you can choose.
Near the market, you can find Islands Sevit” as below.


Let’s go inside!
Have you ever heard “Tubester”? You can eat and feel the mood on the TUBE.

FYI, there is “MUST EAT” in the Hanriver, which is “Ramen”!


“Bamdokkaebi Night Market” will run until end of Oct. and it opens on Friday and Saturday by 11 p.m.
If you take your car, you will spend over 1 hour on the parking lot.
You’d better take a bus No. 740 or take off on shinbanpo station of line 9 by using subway.

When you are in Korea on spring or summer, “Bamdokkaebi Night Market” in banpo hanriver park is perfect place.
Im CoKo, saying goodbye for now.

Chris & Cindy

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