Who is Kim Jong-Kook(Turbo) and his ex-girlfriend?

Who is Kim Jong-Kook and his Ex-Gf ?

He was a vocal of the Korean Legend Group “Turbo”.
Turbo’s popularity was really great. He also appeared in comedy programs at that time, and he appeared on various talk shows.

He is well-known for very kind person. isn’t he? He is very stingy but, never saved the money for his family and others.

I’m going to inform you his age and his ex-girlfriend.

From now on, Let’s talk about him more

First, Let’s start with Kim Jong-kook age. He was born in 1976 and is known to be 43 years old this year. But it doesn’t look like his age due to all day exercise for his life. Right? I think that all day exercise is essential for getting younger.

Actually, He started to exercise because of his waist health, then he was addicted to exercise more and more. I recently have seen the his surgery from TV show “The ugly duckling” because of too much exercise, Even though exercise makes us healthy, but I think that it would be best if it is appropriate.

Who is his ex-girlfriend ?

Next, Let’s look at Kim Jong Kook’s ex-girlfriend. Recently, Kim Jong Kook told me that he had been embarrassed to meet with his ex-girlfriend on the air, but I assume he was talking about the part where he met Chae Ri-na who was member of Roo’Ra in the TV Show.

Many of you know Kim Jong-kook’s ex girlfriend is Chae Ri-na? I think the celebrity is very harsh job due to their privacy.

So far, I have summarized Kim Jong Kook and my ex-girlfriend briefly. Hes is famous as a singer who has performed great songs a lot from the Turbo to Solo.

I think that his voice of beauty against the visual are reversed, and it seems to be getting more attractive. I’m looking forward to hearing his song more and more.

So goodbye !

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