Fantastic food combination, Spicy noodle with dumpling

Hello, Guys, I’m Cindy.

Today, I brought fantastic Korean food combination, which are Korean Spicy noodle(라면) and Dumpling(만두).

This foods are very good combination then so popular for all ages in Korea.

It’s easily get chance to eat those foods anywhere in Korea.

Anyway, i ate this combination for lunch 😀

Let’s see it !!!

Dumpling restaurant just opened a few days ago, whenever i passed by, there were a long queue. so i wanted to eat it

Finally, I ordered one pack of dumpling with shrimp/Kimchi and another with Pork meat.

I take out and rushed into home, then i cooked Korean spicy noodle for this fantastic combination !!!

The taste of Spicy soup covered up oily taste from dumpling.

It is so yummy 😀

If you never eaten it, should eat once a least in Korea !!!

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