Hot yummy steak from early morning delivery !

Hello. I’m Cindy !! You know Korean early morning delivery is the best all over the world 😀

Let me tell one of booming service which is called “Early Morning Delivery(새벽 배송) ” in Korea now days

Shinsegae’s starts early morning delivery, Shinsegae’s e-commerce brand begun early morning delivery joining the battle among retailers to get orders to customers faster. Customer can receive packages between 7 am and 9 am.

This service starts in 10 districts in Seoul, including Gangseo, Dongjak and Gangnam except for my town 🙁

Now, It’s extended to my district, so i’m able to use this service 😀

Hot yummy Steak delivered at home !!

First, I ordered this food from app or site, then hang this package (below) on the knob of the front door

Morning in Next day, just check. Ta da ~!!! Look at this !!

This food is in the package with ice pack to prevent from heat.

There are some vegetable like tomato, garlic, red onion, bean and steak and source and seasoning exactly same as restaurant dish.

You can put those ingredients on the fry then just cook it ! It’s so easy for guy !!!

It’s time to cook !!!

What a easiest way to eat yummy steak at home !! It’s quite different experience from just ordering food.

With interesting by cooking, you can get delight on your own !!!

It’s my dish on my own !! What a yummiest steak ever !!! Huh ???

In Korea, this kinda deliver service would be spread out throughout the peninsula due to portion of home alone people getting increased.

How about your country ??? Is there this kinda delivery service in your country ? If so, is there in your district ????

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