What foods only Korean eat ???

One of the things you can prepare for a trip abroad is food. The food has a unique culture for the country, culture and religion. What do you think the foods Only Korean eat ???? If you see it below, you would definitely agree it :D. Let’s talk about the food most Korean loved, but foreigners just ” shocked”

1. Ganjang Gejang

The soy sauce crab that Hwasa broke off at MBC’s <I Live Alone>, a so-called “rice thief”, is the only food eaten in Korea. Soy crab is loved by men and women of all ages for its uniquely sweet and sweet taste. Many countries also use crab recipes, but the live crab in soy sauce is eaten only in Korea.

2. Golbangi

Did you know that Korea, the world’s largest eater of ribs, consumes more than 80% of its production in Korea? Instead of meals, Golbangi, which is endlessly loved as a snack, is being reborn as a variety of recipes, including "Golbangi chicken" and “Golbangi Seafood Jjim” as well as “Golbangi muchim”‘. In addition, the domestic consumption is so high that it is imported from foreign countries, it is one of the strange foods that are not familiar with foreigners

3. Perilla leaf

It is said that there are many foreigners who can’t eat ‘So called Korean vegetables’ sesame leaves, which can be easily found anywhere, anytime, but because of the fragrant aroma of sesame leaves. It’s like “Gosoo” to Koreans is “Perilla leaf” to foreigners. Unexpectedly few countries eat this leaves, and even little has been studied. Japanese even saw canned this leaves and said, “It seems that the leaves are pickled in soy sauce.”

4. Dotori-muk

South Korea eating squirrel’s food? For Koreans, Dotori Muk is not only a long-time native dish that has been frequently listed on the King’s dish, but is also famous for its old food that saves people. However, for foreigners, this foods are only a specific food for squirrels, and they feel a lot of shock to Koreans who eat them with jelly. It’s often misunderstood as jelly because of its texture and slick appearance.

5. Mideodeok

When he came to school, he used to chopsticks in the middle and used them like bullets. Although it came from the sea, it was called “Mideodeok” because it was similar in shape to “Deodeok”. However, thanks to the fun texture of chewing and popping and the smell of the sea spreading in the mouth, it is loved by many people now.

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