2019 Seoul Music Festival !!

Hello, I’m Cindy. Today, I’m bringing “2019 Seoul Music Festival” for you.

It just began today !!!

Let’s see the itinerary of this festival including fantastic line-up 😀

Line-up on Opening Ceremony (9/28, Sat)

NCT Dream and ASTRO that “Cha eun woo” is in, and CIX, Baek Ii young, Tiger JK, Kassy, etc…..What a nice line up !!!!

SMUF X JANDARI (9/30, Mon)

Idiotape (Electronica band), Goonamgua yeo riding Stellar and more ~

It’s time to hear their song in which sole mania want.

THE Show (10/1, Tue)

This stage would be filled with CLC, Laboum and Dream catcher ~ One of SBS Show which is “The Show” will be on air in this stage.

SMUF Hip Hop (10/2, Wed)

One of my favorite genre “Hip hop” would be ready for Hip hop fan in 2nd of Oct, starting Rhythm power, MC Gree, Ph-1, Haon and more 😀

SMUF K-POP (10/6, Sun)

Last stage of 2019 Seoul Music Festival would be starting ATEEZ, Everglow, April, Girl friend and more.

This festival will take a place from 9/28 to 10/6 for 8 days at Gwanghwa mun square

Why don’t you come and feel K-pop !!!!

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