5 Tips for Korean Life !

If you would like to live in Korea, you should know 5 tips for Korean life, that makes your life better !!

1. Do not bring the beverage into the bus with you in Seoul

No matter what, when you have a beverage which is hot or with ice, , don’t get into the bus.

Since 2018.1.4, Seoul government established new article in regulation for the safety of other passengers.

So, Finish all of it before boarding as long as being aware of this !

2.  24-hours delivery service

Wherever you are and whenever in Korea, there are 24 hour delivery service for you

They are serving any foods such as fried chicken, bossam(Boiled fork), jjajang noodle..etc. i can’t count it 😀

Whenever you are hungry at wherever you are, just search it on apps and call them. They will be in front of you in 30 minute.

What a surprising Korean Culture ???  Just feel it in Korea.

3. Namdaemoon Community Lounge

When you visit to Namdaemoon, there is the shelter which is called as “Namdaemoon Community Lounge” for foreigners

It is the first system in the Korean traditional market.

You can store your heavy luggage and eat some desert, get tax return, obtain information of touring, restroom for the baby for the free of charge.

and also, when you book, you can get coupon worth 5,000 won for any foods in Namdaemoon

Operating time : 10:00 ~ 19:00

Tel : 02-2138-0161

4. Non-Stop VS All-stop for AREX(Airport express)

When you get out of the airport gate, and if you want directly go to Seoul, you don’t need to go out, just go down to B1.

There is Airport express linked to the airport.

Here is the Tip ! There is two types of express, One is Non-stop which takes 43 minute to Seoul station and another is All-stop express which takes 1 hour.

It’s just around 15 minute gap. but Non-stop express costs 9000 won that two times as much as all-stop one.

So If you are NOT in hurry, save your money 😀

5. T-Money card

When you just arrive in Korea, First thing you have to do is buying the T-money card in the airport.

T-Money is the basic card that you have to load money onto for subways, buses and you can use it like cash at convenience stores, taxis etc, which is very useful. 😀

If you have a plan of using the transportation around the Seoul, it will keep your money for you. why???

Because, there is very good transportation system such as transfer system in Seoul. You get discount by T-money card when you transferring to the bus from the subway or in opposite way.

So, Remember T-money card !!!

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