Why is Korean Show “I live alone(나 혼자 산다)” the most famous show in Korea ?

What is the “I live alone” ?

The Korean show “I live alone(나 혼자 산다)” aired since March of 2013, staring with Jeon hyun-moo, Park na-rae, Kian 84, Han hye-jin, Lee si-eon and Henry Lau.

Each host of this show are gathered in the studio, watching their own life. They are called as “Mujigae(무지개)” which means rainbow.

For every each episode, famous actor/actress and singer come to open their private life to their fan.

Why “I live alone” is the Tof the show in Korea?

Before this show aired, everyone wished their fan’s private life behind the fabulous/stunning stage, but couldn’t catch anything about it in legal way. 😀

Now we can look into how they do after wake up, after lunch, after work on the third aspect.

It is a very fresh shock since aired, because everybody thought all celebrities are in the another world compare to normal people before then.

But, now-days the big, big, big wall between the life of celebrities and normal is getting broken after this show.

As soon as you see this show, you would think there are nothing different between them. The unwashed face, hungry face, undressed figure, untrimmed hair of them…..

It was very very shocked when i saw their unpredictable status at first, but now i’m getting used to see their funny thing as kept seeing this show hahaha

Actually, it is also good for Korean celebrities in front of their fans. No more tiresome of hidding their life from their fans, so that they also can go their pressure away :D.

It is today trendy culture in Korea. How about your Country ? I also wanna know what’s trendy culture in your country.

Anyway, why don’t you go into Korean celebrities’s life ??? you can search it on the Youtube 😀

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