HYBE Global Project Unveils Surprise “First Mission of Dream Academy”

In an exciting turn of events, HYBE and Geffen Records have unveiled the first mission performances of the participants in ‘The Debut: Dream Academy.’ The global project, which brings together aspiring artists from 12 different countries, promises to be a thrilling journey into the world of music and performance.

The debut mission, titled ‘MISSION 1: SHOWCASE,’ consists of four performance videos, each highlighting the remarkable talents of the 20 participants. Divided into dance and vocal teams, these individuals left no stone unturned to showcase their skills and captivate the audience.

The dance missions featured performances to the tunes of K-pop sensations BLACKPINK and NU’EST. Team A took the stage with BLACKPINK’s ‘Pink Venom,’ delivering a performance that oozed charisma and swag. The powerful yet controlled dance moves, combined with intense facial expressions, left a lasting impression.

Team B, on the other hand, wowed the audience with their exceptional dancing skills, set to NU’EST’s ‘OMG.’ Their synergy on stage was undeniable, exuding youthful energy and nailing the unique choreography of ‘OMG’ flawlessly.

The vocal missions added a global touch to the project, with Team A presenting a soulful mashup of Robyn’s ‘Dancing on My Own’ and Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever.’ Their poignant and heartfelt rendition of these songs left a deep impact within the short timeframe.

Team B’s performance was equally captivating, as they delivered harmonious vocals with a special arrangement of Paramore’s ‘Still Into You.’ Their ability to navigate through powerful high notes and create emotional harmony in the chorus was truly impressive.

The first mission not only highlighted the individual talents of the participants but also showcased the harmonious blend of their diverse backgrounds and experiences. It was a grand opening for ‘The Debut: Dream Academy,’ drawing enthusiastic responses not only from their home countries but from music fans around the world.

To delve deeper into the talents of each participant, individual “direct cam” videos were also released, allowing fans to appreciate the unique charm of every artist.

As the project progresses, fan voting for the first mission is in full swing. Fans can cast their votes through the ‘Dream Academy’ community on Weverse and the HYBE Labels Plus YouTube channel by simply clicking the ‘like’ button under the individual cam videos. The top 6 participants with the most votes will advance directly to the second mission with ‘immunity from elimination,’ promising even more excitement and talent to come.

Stay tuned for the results, set to be announced on the 16th at midnight (Korean time), along with the revelation of the first two eliminated participants. ‘The Debut: Dream Academy’ is shaping up to be a captivating musical journey, and fans are eagerly awaiting what’s next in store for these talented artists.

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