Korea Trend – Coin Launderette (코인빨래방)

In the past, coin launderette were often visible in downtown areas. Recently, however, residential areas and apartment complexes have become increasingly familiar with everyday life.

The coin launderette is equipped with a large washing machine and dryer. Bulky laundry such as futons can be solved from washing to drying in about an hour. Even in winter or in the rainy season when the clothes are not drying well, you can use the coin dryer to dry the clothes as if they were dried in the sun. In particular, it is a good service these days that it is difficult to hang laundry directly in the sun due to fine dust.

The most popular factor of coin launderette is that Unlike the past, when household affair was considered the exclusive property of housewives, coin laundries, which helped to reduce the labor and burden of laundry, became more a necessity.

Enhanced convenience with ‘unmanned combined system’

One of Coin Launderette company launched the multi system called as a ‘Laundry Multi Shop’ with a laundry convenience store as well as a coin laundry. In addition to coin laundry, leather, fur, sneakers, and formal clothing that can not be washed separately can be accepted. Outdoor fashion, expensive shoes, etc., which have been popular recently, can also be accepted for washing.

‘Laundry agency service’ is for people who do not have time to wait for an hour to complete the coin laundry. For an extra fee, the staff in the store will take care of your coin laundry and dry cleaning. You can get there anytime you want, saving you time. This can also be combined with unmanned systems.

Evolved into “Smart Unmanned locker” and “Kiosk”

The system also considers customers who are running out of time. Cleantopia’s “Smart Unattended Washing Machine” is a system that allows you to store items that had to be received during the opening hours of a convenience store such as dry cleaning, shirt washing, and leather laundry.

Fantastic Facility for Customer

For customer who just wait for their laundry to be done, almost company offer premium facility for them.

There are massage machine, Capsule coffee machine and Television for customer.

What a wonderful service is 😀

What do you think about your country? What’s difference between Korea and your country ???

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