(Korean Show) Divorced singles season 4

The highly anticipated Korean variety show, ‘Divorced singles season 4(돌싱글즈 4)’, made its debut on MBN with a remarkable 2.7% viewership. The show brings together divorced individuals from the United States, setting the stage for an exciting and compelling romance competition.

A Diverse Cast and the ‘Dolsing House’

The show’s ‘Dolsing House,’ located in the picturesque paradise of Cancun, Mexico, serves as the backdrop for this season’s romantic journey. Among the diverse cast, viewers were thrilled to witness the dashing appearance of Tom, an elegantly dressed divorced man of three years. Another contestant, Venita, shared her cool perspective on divorce, claiming it as the second best decision she made after marriage.

An Array of Experiences

The participants’ backgrounds vary widely, adding depth to the show. For instance, Duie, a divorcée of just three months, crossed continents to join the ‘Divorced singles season 4’ competition, recommended by her father during a tough time. Ji-su, divorced for a year, expressed her unwavering resolution in parting ways when trust was broken. And the surprise appearance of Jerome, divorced for six years and formerly a member of the group X-large, left the hosts, MC Hye-yeong and Eun Ji-won, exclaiming, “Oh my God!”

The Power of Media

The show highlights how media, such as ‘Divorced singles season 4,’ can challenge societal perceptions. MC Hye-yeong, reminiscing about her time styling for Jerome during his X-large days, expressed heartfelt support, wishing him happiness in his search for a lifelong partner.

Embracing New Beginnings

Each divorced single on the show brought their unique journey to the forefront. Participants like Ji-mi, divorced for 13 years with eight dating experiences post-divorce, and Sora, confidently embracing her self-esteem post-divorce, exemplify the strength and resilience of divorced individuals.

The Intriguing Introduction of ‘New Dolsing Men’

Amidst the cordial introductions, the contestants were taken aback when a new group of single men made their entrance through the “real entrance” opposite to where the divorced participants entered. These “New Dolsing Men” added an element of competition to the mix, with Ricky, divorced for four years, confidently stating his willingness to take the initiative when he senses someone’s interest.

A Night of Dates and Discovery

The ‘Divorced singles season 4’ signature ‘Stamp Time’ provided exciting 2:2 Mart dates and 3:3 Cooking dates. The dynamics between Jimmy and Ji-su, and Jerome and Hee-jin during the Mart date revealed sparks of interest and strategic approaches to win hearts.

As the Mart date concluded, Ricky, Tom, Venita, Sora, Hee-jin, and Harim shared a cooking date, with Ricky secretly delighted that all the people he was interested in were present. The participants’ interactions piqued the curiosity of viewers, leaving them eager to know who captured Ricky’s heart.

In Korean culture, divorce has historically been perceived as a taboo and has carried a negative social stigma. However, in recent times, attitudes towards divorce have been undergoing a significant transformation. This shift can be observed in various aspects, including media representations, like the popular Korean variety show, ‘Divorced singles season 4’, which features divorced singles

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