Korea Trend : Self Study Cafe !!!

It’s time to introduce new trendy Self Study Cafe in Korea to you guys.

Actually, when I used this facility at first, it’s quite shocking to me. It is just simple, but i thought why wouldn’t i think of it in my mind.

There are two big differences.

First, Normal study cafe is just using by just 1 hr and more voucher. so if you want to study for just a little waste time, you have no other options for it.

But this one is absolutely amazing. It’s totally customized for very busy now days people.

Well, It can be used for every seconds by season voucher like 50 hours, 100 hours for each 70 dollars and 120 dollars.

For whom intend to study at the moment, it is very useful so that, you can save the money.

Second, There is no any staffs for this cafe. Just maintenance before open. The Kiosk can be substituted to the man.

Anyway, Let’s see the inside of it.

It has Kiosk to enter. You have to buy the season voucher from here. Then you have to tick your voucher on the machine for entrance anytime. What a convenient !!!

It is inner view of study cafe. What a cozy atmosphere for users !!! There are also power plug for medium.

There are also rest room and enough cabinets. If you are tired, you can take a rest in that room.

So, What do you think of it? How about your country ????

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