Lee Kwang-soo showing off His girl friend

Lee Kwang-soo showing off His girl friend

Finally, Korean actor “Lee kwang-soo” speaks out Korean actress “Lee sun bin” and I are in good relationship now.

There was just something between them from the Korean show “Running man” then they have been dating out for 5 month.

They tell out they have feeling each other in the show. in September of 2006. and Lee Sun-bin said Lee kwang-soo is her ideal type in Korea show “Radio star”

Lee kwang-soo also said “Now, I’m on the date with her” and “I will marry with her” in fun.

Finally It comes to be real after showing their intentionally fake love in the show. Lee sun-bin openly introduced boy friend to her friends. She never hide from the public according to media.

Lee kwang-soo also show his girl friend off to his friends to boast his love.

Hope their romantic love keep going on forever 😀

Chris & Cindy

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