Let’s Cook “Budae jjigae(부대찌개)”

Hell. Guys. I’m back with how to cook Army base stew which is called as “Budae jjigae”

Actually, it is my favorite Korean cuisine and used to cook by myself at home.

It is very easy to cook so I will show you right now 😀

What is “Budae-jjigae” ?

This food came from the very sad Korean history.

During and after the Korean war in the early 50’s, Korea was way poorest country in the world. Million of the Civilians were killed, all road throughout the Korea were destroyed. Most of Korean were suffering from lack of the food. There were no way to find the food on the any area.

Budae jjigae was originated from the canned food thrown away from the troops of US army. Typically, there were the cans of sausage, pork, beans and any meats. Korean mixed the American canned foods with local Korean seasoning, so that it comes to be very unique food.

Let’s start Cook!

Ingredient : Pork or beef, canned ham, sausage, Kimchi(If you have), bean sprouts, enoki mushroom, spring onion, Extra Order of Ramen Noodles and other vegetables, anchovy meat broth or used water from washing rice.
  Specific ingredients are not decided except ham and sausage, so I usually cook Budae jjigae to clear our refrigerator.

Sauce ingredient : White wine 2 spoon, soy sauce 2 spoon, ground pepper 0.5 spoon, red pepper powder 2.5 spoon, red pepper paste 0.5 spoon, crushed garlic 1 spoon, sugar 0.5 spoon, ketchup 1 spoon

 When you prepare all ingredients, it is easy to cook. Put all ingredients in the skillet and pour a anchovy meat broth or used water from washing rice. And boil for 15 minutes. If you are strong or want to try to spicy food, you can put chili you are able to get in your country.

Budae jjigae with rice is perfect combination. There are a lot of fresh vegitable and ham, try Budae jjigae!

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