Let’s eat in the world – Fukuoka(후쿠오카) – Part 2

Eat in Fukuoka

Hello, I’m Coko with Part 2.

I will keep showing what i ate in Fukuoka.

Morning Coffee – Manu Coffee

For 3rd days, In the morning, We went to Manu coffee for drinking morning coffee.

It is located in Yanagibashi market, facing to the Nakasu river. so we could drink on the 2nd floor at silent, looking down to the river.

There was bread shop just near the cafe and we could also buy the bread and bring it to the cafe. Why don’t you enjoy drinking and eating with nice view ?

Udon restaurant – Daichi no Udon

The Udon is well-known food for Japanese with all ages. So we decided to go to Daichi no udon which is located at the building across from the Hakata station.

Actually, It is very famous for fried gobou udon meal(Right picture) and it also popular among local Japanese. Fried gobou udon is a local udon specialty in Fukuoka.

Look at the right picture above. The surprisingly huge amount of toppings in a bowl.

Famous Gyoza restaurant – Tetsunabe Gyoza

After lunch, We found the restaurant that has long queue front of it, even though it is just early night (at around 6 pm) on way back to the hotel.

So, we took a break at the hotel for a moment, then we rush into the Gyoza restaurant, but there was still long queue.

After around 30 minutes, We could get in and order. There were a lot Japanese, eating Gyoza with beer. It seems many Japaneses go to this restaurant with their colleagues after work.

Sushi Restaurant – Wangan market

Fukuoka is the port city, but we couldn’t see the sea. We decided to go to the port on our last day.

It was quite far from our accommodation. so we took a bus for Wangan market which is located at north part of Fukuoka.

There were also many types of Sushi, and its called 100 yen sushi. No matter what’s in it, each sushi costs 1 $.

So We picked any sushi we want with tongs, then pack in the plastic lunch box as below. It was really fresh in my mouth and cost effective.

Onsen(Hot spring) – Namiha no Yu

Plus, there is Japanese hot spring called “Namiha no Yu Onsen”. So we could enjoy taking a relax to get rid of my tiredness with sauna and outdoor spa, and drinking the yogurt that i eager back in Korea.

Ramen restaurant – Ganso nagahamaya

Before we went to the airport, we went to ramen restaurant called “Ganso nagahamaya” which is the only one that opened after the Pacific war. This historic ramen restaurant has  continued even up to now, while experiencing the temporary closing and relocation. It is originally opened for the workers of the fish market in Nagahama Fukuoka, and then now days, it becomes popular to Japaneses in all generations.

It is normally different from other ramen that i have eaten. It is “Tonkotsu Ramen”. It has very deep broth that they cooked overnight until it becomes white. If you want to go the local remen restaurant, why don’t you give a shot here?

It is the end of my Fukuoka food story. How was it ?

If you have a plan to visit to Fukuoka, Refer to this information. I wish it helps you out 😀

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