Let’s eat in the world – Fukuoka(후쿠오카) – Part 1

Eat in Fukuoka

Hello. I’m Coko here for my trip in Fukuoka for my holiday.^^

For my summer holiday, I visited to Fukuoka which is just a hour away from Seoul by aircraft.

Many of Koreans visit to Fukuoka these day for their holiday due to the low exchange rate, reasonable distance, foods.

Anyway, to get to the point, I will show my delicious Japanese foods in Fukuoka this time.

Let’s go !

We stayed in one of “Onsen hotel(Not a Ryokan)” that has public spa inside, which is located in middle between Hikata station and Tenjin station. Whenever i visit to Japan, i always stay in onsen hotel, that makes me easier to get rid of my stress everyday after trip.

If you have plan to visit to Japan, make sure that the hotel has own public spa inside.

Our hotel is in just middle of Hikata station and Tenjin, that are easier to access to the delicious restaurants on my list.

Japanese Home-made restaurant – 카탄사카니야고로博多ん肴屋 五六桜(ハカタンサカナヤゴロー)

For lunch, We went to one of Japanese restaurant, serving Japanese style chicken soup and grilled pork with bean sprout, named  “하카탄사카니야고로博多ん肴屋 五六桜(ハカタンサカナヤゴロー)” which is located nearby Nakasu river.

Actually, It was the best delicious food i have ever eaten in Japan. It says the chicken soup is more like Korean food “Baeksuk” on the menu. But, it is quite different from Koreans. It has small part of chicken in the soup and the soup is very light not delicate and not salty as white soup shown in picture. For Pork with bean sprout, the red sauce is good combination with the pork. it is like “Gochujang”, but not same.

Japanese Gopchang(beef intestine) – Tenjin hormone

For dinner, We went to Hikata station. If you don`t know what to eat, just go to the Hikata station or Tenjin station. There are tons of restaurants inside. For us, we already planed to go to “Tenjin Hormone” which is nation-wide restaurant in Japan. But for us, it was under my expectation due to strong sauce covering all the real beef taste and smell.

But, good thing is you can enjoy their cooking just in front of us. because seats are around of cooking table.

You’d better to go once at least 😀

Bento – Food court of Tenjin station

For second day, We went to Tenjin station to take a train for the Yanagawa early in the morning. so we didn`t have time to eat. so we bought the Bento in the food court of Tenjin station for eating in the train. Ta-da~!

It is good cost effective. If you go to suburb of Hukuoka, why don`t you try bento ?

Steamed eel(Unagi) restaurant –  Ganso Motoyoshiya

We visited to Yanagawa for eating “Steamed Eel”. Because, Yanagawa is called “water city”, has lots of canal and located nearby ocean so that this area is famous for eel.

So, We went to “Ganso Motoyoshiya” which is oldest and most famous restaurant in Yanagawa. They have run their business for over 300 years. What an amazing. isn’t it?

The texture of rice was very sticky and chewy from the rice due to steamed rice from their secret method. The eel was very light and not oily and not with fish smell. Even though it is quite expensive, just try once !

Sushi restaurant – Hyotan Sushi

For Third day, We went to one of the best Sushi restaurant in Fukuoka called “Hyotan Sushi. I heard there is long queue for 30 minute just before open. so we were in hurry to get there 30 minute in advance.

It was very delicious as well known for foreigners, But actually, there are almost local Japaneses, enjoying their life with sea foods except for sushi, so we thought other dishes are more famous than sushi for local people. 😀

So far, it is my Eating show in Fukuoka for First part !!

I will be back from second part for you guys. See ya !

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