Let’s Enjoy the 2018 Rose Festival(장미 축제) in Seoul Grand Park !

Let’s Enjoy the Rose Festival in Seoul Grand Park !

Hello. I’m Coko, back with the Rose festival in Seoul Grand Park.

It is good to take a walk with your girl friends or just friends in nice weather because of yellow dust and fine dust gone.

So, I will introduce the good place for you guys. Let’s check !

What is the Rose festival ?

The Rose festival is held at Seoul grand park which is located in Gwacheon every may.
and the 2018 Rose festival will be held May 27(Sat.) to June 11(Sun.) of 2018.

38,000 rose trees will be available for viewing at the 52,900 m2 flower bed in the Rose Garden at Seoul Grand park’s Theme garden.

The Seoul Grand Park will extend the duration of the festival so that more people can visit the Rose festival for a longer period of time and provide events that will allow visitors to build unforgettable memories.

There are many kind of programs including Fun photo accessories rental, rose beauty class, Rose & love concert, Rose magic show, Rose photo exhibition for the children.

How to get there ?

First, i will let you know how to get there. The Seoul grand park is located in Gwacheon city. So, you’d better take the subway line 4. Don’t be confused by the sign as below. then just take off from exit 2.

If you take the escalator through exit 2, then you can the long street as the picture. Ta- da ~

Then keep walking in 5 min then you can see the fountain behind of me, that sweeps the hot weather.

At that time, the weather was 30 degrees, so that we couldn’t choose the walking to the Rose Garden. so what can we do ?

There is fast and convenient way to get there, which is The Elephant train !

It takes you 5 minute to get there for just $1 per adult, $0.7 per the child. But, I recommend the walking to the Rose garden. because of long queue and enough distance.

You can take a walk along the beautiful Gwacheon reservoir for 20 minute to 30 minute before the Rose garden.
The Rose garden is just across from the Zoo. Finally, I reached to the Rose garden. The entrance fee costs $2 per a person and If you also want go to the zoo, you can buy $5 for the Package. It is very reasonable price. Isn’t it ?

I just choose the Rose garden.

When you go inside, you can see the 38,000 roses everywhere as the pictures. Let’s admire the roses !

There are some Photo spots like this. If you have a lover, why don`t you get memorable pictures from here ???

Luckily, When we arrived, Rose & Love Concert was just stared 😀 So, we enjoyed the sweet melody under the nature. It gets rid of my stress.

There are no restaurants in the Rose garden, so if you want to eat something, you have to get out, then go to the restaurants nearby it. But, I strongly recommend you bring the Lunch box and the Mat like this. Ta- da ~

We prepared the Lunch box early in the morning. It was so Yummy ! Plus, Drinking beer is even better :D.

It was my whole day, It was great. When you visit to Korea in May, Why don’t you come over the Rose festival with a lover or your friends?

More Information

  • Performance Time : Monday-Thursday 09:00-19:00, Friday-Sunday & Memorial day 09:00-20:00
  • Admission Fees : Adult 2,000 won, Teenagers 1,500 won, Children 1,000 won

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