(Seoul Travel) Things to do in Han river (한강뚝섬유원지)!

After the typhoon and rains, the weather has been nice in Korea.
It is perfect weather for picnic. So, I’m gonna introduce a popular picnic place in Korea, which is Han river.
There are many locations where we can enjoy han river. Of that, we went to Ttukseom Resort.
If you take a public transportation, take a subway line number 7 and get off on Ttukseom resort station.

In my case, we took our own mat. Don’t you have a mat or a tent?Don’t worry! You can borrow one-touch tent from a shop. Or if you plan to order foods, some eateries lend a mat for free.
According to my search, I could find below tent rental shop.
Web site address : https://thetenthanriver.modoo.at/

Or when you go out from the subway, some people distribute flyers to passers-by.

We took out Kim-bab and snacks on a shop near my house, so just bought ramens at a convenience store.
Look at the remen machine!!

If you want to know how to use it, please below youtube video’s 2:15.

Now, I was ready to enjoy the weather and han river!

First of all, let’s eat!

It was good weather to admire the scenery and nap outside haha.

You can take a nap on the mat on the colorful grass. It is very wide for private^^

Autumn is the best season for going to picnic.
If you are in Korea, take a mat or a tent!!
See you soon 🙂

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