Let’s go to the New zealand(뉴질랜드) ! – Part 1(Tekapo Lake, Pukaki Lake, Hooker Valley)

Happy Life in South Island of New Zealand – Part I

Hello, I’m Coko back.

I took a trip to New zealand, and it has been very beautiful life ever !!

So, I want to share amazing lovely scenery with you guys 😀

Our flight to Christchurch took us around 21 hours, including stopover in Singapore for 6 hours.

It was long trip to arrive, so tired and exhausted. but all tiring things are gone as arrived in Christchurch under sunshine.


We directly rush into Car rental shop, then go to Tekapo Lake. it took us about 3 hour and half.

Even though it was long distance, but enjoying the scenery on way. Everywhere is just like the landscape.

Finally, I arrive “Tekapo” !!!!

– Tekapo Lake –

Look at the scenery above ! I had the best and lovely time I’ve had ever !! There are water lighting like emerald on the surface between mountains under the clear sky.

The salmon is very famous in this area. So we go to salon restaurant to eat rice bowl with salmon and sushi roll.

It is so yummy !!

– Pukaki Lake –

Next day, We are supposed to go to the Hooker valley. On way to there, we stop by the Pukaki Lake.

Look at the lake !! I can’t differentiate between the sky and lake 😀 Those are all blues.

We heard it’s the very famous salmon many times. We couldn’t skip this time even though, we ate yesterday.

Look at the color of salmon. It looks very fresh. It tastes very soft and thumb up !!

– Hooker Valley –

Finally, we arrive Hooker valley. It is really majestic place where one of characters of Lord of the Ring just would pops out.

It takes us around 3 hours for return way. It was very tough by strong wind but it’s all gone on our destination.

There are the benches for a rest, looking at the Lake that colors as gray.

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