(Incheon Travel) Things to do in Chinatown

Feel the China in Korea !

Hello, Guys, I’m here to bring the “Must-experience” in Korea to you guys. The Chinatown is located in front of Incheon station in end of line 1. We went to there to taste the authentic Chinese foods for “Chuseok” holiday.

Anyway Let’s hit the road with me 😀

History of the China town

Incheon’s Chinatown is Korea’s only official Chinatown. It is in Jung-gu and was established in 1884. It claims to be the largest Chinatown in South Korea, and features an 11 meter high Chinese-style gateway.

The history of Incheon Chinatown is 100 over years old. While not all traditional culture of the first generation has been preserved, the area still harbors many of the flavors of China

How to get ?

It is located just near the Incheon station. So It is easily assessed to get it.

If you bring a car, there is free car park behind of Incheon station, then you walk for just 10-15 minute through the station to the Chinatown.

There is also car park inside of Chinatown, But it is too complicated in it. I’d recommend free car park above to you guys.


1. Jjajang myun

We went to Chinese restaurant named “Gong hwa chun” which is the most authentic Chinese restaurant ever !

On arrival, there were already long queue, so that we had to wait for around 30 minute.

So, you have to be there earlier than lunch time.

We ordered Jjajang myun(black bean noodle) and Tang su yuk( Crispy pork) with sweet and sour source as below.

Look at that ! Is it Yummy ? huh.

Actually, those foods are my favorite. so i enjoyed.

I give you one information on the Jjajang myun. It has big amount on the dish so that a normal girl couldn’t eat all of it.

so Just keep in mind, then if you are hungry not that much, I’d recommend sharing one dishes for two.

2. Gongal bread

The China town is also famous for the Gongal bread (Pita bread) which is Chinese pancake, being hollow inside and just outer part of it is inflately baked.

Must to go

1. Donghwa maeul (Fairy tale village)

Incheon established a renovation project to improve development of the village by painting and decorating classic fairy tales all around to prevent from leaving people out.

This small village is linked to the Chinatown, so you walk and enjoy through the Chinatown then go to the Dong hwa maeul.

If you are there, you can see the painting on the wall everywhere as bellow

If you guys are with someone, it is enjoyable to pick the place for a picture with your lover or friends.

2. Jayu Park

Actually, the Chinatown is located in the hill, but not that high.

If you keep going up through the Chinatown, you could see the Jayu Park

What a nice weather. Look at the picture. When you are on the peak, you can see the Incheon sea from here.

It is good to take a walk on the park. It is totally different atmosphere up here from crowed and noisy atmosphere in the Chinatown.

Why don’t you visit to the Chinatown !!!

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