NewJeans Sparks Debate as They Shoot Music Video with iPhone 14 Pro

In a recent twist, K-pop girl group NewJeans has found themselves at the center of a heated debate after featuring the iPhone 14 Pro in their latest music video, “ETA.” The decision to endorse an Apple product has caught the attention of netizens, prompting discussions about why a Korean girl group would choose to promote a device from an American company rather than their homegrown Samsung Galaxy. While some argue that the reaction is exaggerated, others believe it raises important questions about brand loyalty and marketing choices.

NewJins’ Association with Apple

According to industry insiders on August 5th, NewJeans has been fostering ties with Apple, as evidenced by their participation in the opening ceremony of the fifth Apple Store in Korea, “Apple Gangnam.” Their ongoing engagement with Apple culminated in the “Shot on iPhone” campaign, where they used the iPhone 14 Pro to film their music video “ETA.” In the video, the members intermittently capture moments of their male lead using the iPhone during their performance. Notably, during their appearance on SBS’s “Inkigayo” last month, NewJeans showcased their iPhones, adding a unique touch to their performance.

Divergent Reactions from Netizens

The news of NewJeans endorsing Apple’s iPhone has sparked mixed reactions from netizens. While some express concerns over a Korean girl group actively advertising a competing product and argue that they should prioritize promoting domestic brands like Samsung, others find such reactions unwarranted. The latter group points out that endorsements, including clothing sponsorships, are a common part of the industry, and there should be no issue with NewJeans’ choice to collaborate with Apple.

Comparisons with BTS

The debate has also given rise to comparisons with BTS, who serve as Samsung Galaxy’s brand ambassadors. Critics argue that as both NewJeans and BTS belong to the same agency, HYBE Corporation, the situation seems contradictory. However, supporters maintain that each group is entitled to make their individual marketing decisions, which may differ based on their unique contracts and preferences.

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