Basic Korean expression 30_part1

  1. How are you?
    어떻게 지내세요?  [Eotteoke jinaeseyo]

  2. How have you been?
    잘 지냈어요?  [Jal jinaesseoyo]

  3. Yes
    네  [Ne]

  4. No
    아니오  [Anio]

  5. Where are you going?
    어디에 가고 있어요?  [Eodie gago isseoyo]

  6. What did you say?
    뭐라고 했어요?  [Mworago haesseoyo]

  7. I like it
    좋아요  [Joayo]

  8. I don’t like it
    싫어요  [Sileoyo]

  9. I understand
    이해해요 [Ihaehaeyo]

  10. I don’t understand
    이해 못해요  [Ihae mothaeoyo]

  11. What should I do?
    어떻게 하면 돼요?  [Eotteoke hamyeon dwaeyo]

  12. Where are my shoes?
    신발이 어디 있어요?  [Sinbali eodi isseoyo]

  13. I’m hungry
    배고파요  [Baegopayo]

  14. I’m thirsty
    목말라요  [Mokmallayo]

  15. Good morning
    좋은 아침이에요  [Joeun achimieyo]

  16. Good night
    잘 자요  [Jal jayo]

  17. Where are you from?
    어디에서 왔어요?  [Eodieseo wasseoyo]

  18. What do you do for work?
    무슨 일을 하세요?  [Museun ireul haseyo]

  19. It’s fun
    재미있어요  [Jaemiisseoyo]

  20. It’s boring
    지루해요  [Jiruhaeyo]

  21. What kind of food do you like?
    어떤 음식을 좋아하세요?  [Eotteon eumsigeul joahaseyo]

  22. I will eat well
    잘 먹겠습니다  [Jal meokgesseumnida]

  23. Where is it close?
    어디가 가까워요?  [Eodiga gakkawoyo]

  24. Please wait a little longer
    좀 더 기다려 주세요  [Jom deo gidaryeo juseyo]

  25. What did you do yesterday?
    어제 뭐 했어요?  [Eoje mwo haesseoyo]

  26. The weather is nice today
    오늘 날씨가 좋네요  [Oneul nalssiga johneyo]

  27. Enjoy your meal
    맛있게 드세요  [Mashitge deuseyo]

  28. I don’t know well
    잘 모르겠어요  [Jal moreugesseoyo]

  29. How did this happen?
    이런 일이 어떻게 벌어졌어요?  [Ireon iri eotteoke beoreojyeosseoyo]

  30. What are you going to do today?
    오늘 뭐 할 거예요?  [Oneul mwo hal geoyeyo]

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