Son Heung-min’s FIFA 24 Rating Drops

Son Heung-min’s FIFA 24 Rating Drops. The world of football was taken by surprise as EA Sports released the latest installment of their popular football video game series, FIFA 23. Along with the release of the game’s new series, FC 24, players’ ability ratings were significantly adjusted based on their performances in the previous season. Among those affected was Tottenham Hotspur’s star player, Son Heung-min, whose in-game ability rating dropped from 89 to 86. This reduction in his virtual prowess raised eyebrows, especially considering the adversity he faced during the last season.

A Challenging Season

Son Heung-min’s performance in the previous season left much to be desired, as he scored only 10 goals, a stark contrast to his impressive tally of 23 goals in the 2021-22 season. The dip in his goal-scoring form significantly contributed to the decrease in his ability rating, according to ‘Football London.’

Despite facing numerous hurdles, including an early-season facial injury that threatened his career, Son’s determination and passion for the game shone through. He admirably led the South Korean national team as their captain during the Qatar World Cup, propelling them to the Round of 16. Upon his return to the Premier League, he valiantly donned a mask and continued to compete.

Unseen Battles

What made Son Heung-min’s journey even more awe-inspiring was the revelation that he played through immense pain while nursing his injury. It wasn’t until after the season concluded that it came to light that Son had been competing with significant discomfort. Yet, he chose to persevere, expressing his unwavering commitment to see the season through. His determination and grit were nothing short of extraordinary.

Unreflected Willpower

Despite his exemplary show of resilience, the video game’s ability ratings did not fully reflect Son Heung-min’s unyielding willpower. FIFA 23, like many other sports video games, primarily relies on statistical performance and records to determine player ratings. As such, the intangible qualities that make Son a remarkable player—his fighting spirit and mental strength—were not adequately represented in the virtual realm.

Looking Ahead

With Son Heung-min now fully recovered, fans and football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate his return to peak form in the upcoming season. His potential to raise his ability rating through stellar performances on the pitch remains high. As one of Tottenham’s key players, his partnership with fellow star Harry Kane has been instrumental in the club’s success.

However, the future of this dynamic duo remains uncertain as Harry Kane’s potential departure from Tottenham is a hot topic of discussion. Negotiations with Bayern Munich have been ongoing, but Chairman Daniel Levy’s reluctance to part ways with Kane adds a twist to the narrative. Should the partnership endure, fans can undoubtedly expect another season of brilliance from Son and Kane.

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