Travelling to the Dunedin(더니든) in New Zealand(뉴질랜드)

Travelling to the Dunedin

Before going back to Korea, I visited to the Dunedin after 3 days of Queenstown life. It is quite long distance between them. It takes me to get there for over 3.5 hours by 150 km driving 😀

Welcome to Dunedin

It is an urban area of Dunedin city lies on the central-eastern coast of Otago, surrounding the head of Otago Harbour.

On arrival, I felt  it is quite big city and has very different atmosphere compare to other cities including Queenstown.

The downtown looks very similar to London. Look at the building. I was a little confused 😀


Royal Albatross

This place is very famous for Seals and Yellow eyed penguins in New Zealand. Otago Peninsula together with its 20 km long harbour, is the home of and abundance of magnificent world famous marine wildlife, namely The Royal Albatross.

While driving, I tried to found yellowed eyed penguins and Seals for over 1-2 hours, but couldn’t make it, and we heard that it rarely can be found with the luck in the last hahaha.

Look at this pic. This Royal Albatross is situated on the best beautiful and romantic ever environment. You can breath very fresh air from the ocean

With sunshine, reflecting brightness from the ocean is quite awesome 😀 Isn’t it??

If you visit to Dunedin, you must drop by here and do nothing and just take a rest in the nature.

Green lipped mussel

Before i visited here, i searched which food is the most famous in Dunedin. and it says Green lipped mussel.

I was curious about it. so i had a dinner with this food

Ta -da ! Look at that. This size is two or three times as much as Korean one. What a surprise. Isn’t it?

It has a type of shellfish that confers tremendous health benefit. That’s what i heard from website 😀

When you visit to Dudedin, you also must to eat this one !!!!

1 day in Dunedin is quite short time, but it is meaningful time for me.

I want to come back and stay longer oneday 😀


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